12 February 2012

Dystopian Wars

Got in a rather entertaining game of DW today with my son. Keep in mind he's 8 and is a bit "Orc-y" with his tactics. He got the Metzger and Zeppelin for Christmas and has been eager to try them out. I finished up the Zep yesterday so he could use it today. We used 450 point lists.

Empire of the Blazing Awesomeness
O-I Heavy Walker (Spidey)
2 Bombers
9 Ke-Ho Small Tanks (Orange and Blue Companies)

Prussian Expeditionary Force
A9V Sturmpanzer
2 A6V Medium Tanks
Metzger Robot (Stampy)
Zeppelin CV (2 Wings of 3 Dive Bombers)

I set up some wooded area and a swampy lake to block up LOS a bit. We'd be fighting in Southeastern Asia.

Turn one - we both moved out but the only shot that was in range was a long-range rocket barrage from the O-I at the Metzger which tested the effectiveness of the towering machine's AA guns. They passed the test.

Start of Turn 2 (I'd forgotten to move my bombers on turn 1 but did so after the picture)

Turn two opened to a heavy barrage of rockets from the silver streaks at the Metzger, connecting for a point of damage. In retaliation, the A9 pummeled one of the bombers with turret guns and its Tesla weapon for two damage. The Zeppelin also unleashed a mighty bolt of lightning from its prow and sent one of the Japanese bombers crashing into the woods. The second group of dive bombers took off from the desk of the carrier but stayed nearby. The four-legger fired its cannons at the massive airship and managed a point of damage - not bad considering the range!

Start of Turn 3

The Prussians retained the initiative and their Zeppelin, in search of another victim slowly turned towards my heavy walker. One mighty flash later, the O-I had suffered a point of damage. Ah, its OK, they build 'em tough. The port batteries opened up on the remaining bomber, blue lightning lancing right through it for two damage and a "Hard Pounding." Gah! I moved the bomber next, figuring it wouldn't get another chance. The AA fire took out one of the fighter-bombers from Green wing. Rockets exploded all around one of the A6es but failed to damage it. The massive A9 had to catch up with its brother the Zeppelin and rolled towards the Japanese war walker. The lightning gun and heavy guns both connected putting two more damage on my centerpiece! Things were not looking good. The O-I ceased moving and again fired at the blimp causing another point of damage to it. The rockets found their mark against the big Prussian robot this time and caused critical engine damage. Orange Company rolled up to the feet of the giant war machine and lent their fire to the fray causing another point of damage to the walker. The A6es exacted some revenge killing two of the tiny balls of anger.

Start of Turn 4. Damage is starting to mount up.

The Prussians still managed to keep initiative and their airship again moved straight towards the Blazing Sun walker. The lightning gun caused yet another hit on my land battleship. AA and broadside Tesla guns finished off my remaining bomber. The two dive bomber wings made ground-strike attacks at my two companies of small tanks but failed to cause any damage. Blue company swept in on the side of the huge Prussian tank and fired a massive barrage. A crit + 1! The crit was a hard pounding - two AP gone. Never underestimate the small tank tokens. The A6es sought to repeat their performance from the previous turn but could only manage one damage on one of the small tanks. Orange company, now only two bases, fell into the woods and blasted again at the Metzger, causing yet another point of damage. The A9 fired all bearing weapons it could muster but completely failed to hit my walker and the diminutive tanks harassing its flanks. The O-I on the other hand, blasted one of the Prussian tanks to pieces and another flurry of rockets sent the Robot crashing down into the woods. Two legs bad, four legs good!

Start of turn 5.

Turn five was no kinder to the Prussians who were now starting to sweat. Blue company put more damage on the Prussian landship. The Zeppelin recovered one wing of fighter-bombers and the bombardier kicked a 2000-pound bomb out the hatch, obliterating a stand of tanks from Blue company. Orange company rolled towards their Prussian counterpart - the remaining A6 and nailed it for a crit jamming the steering mechanism. The heavily damaged Sturmpanzer couldn't get enough dice together to hurt either my walker or the small tanks whereas my O-I pounded it again for another cirt - two more damage and two more boarding parties gone!

Start of Turn 6 - a Brou-ha!

The Blazing Sun force manged to win initiative and the walker quickly scuttled into the lake and towards the Sturmpanzer to get away from the impending bombing run. I declared a boarding assault against the A9 with seven of my Samurai. Won't make that mistake again. The single AA die + three bonus dice from Electrical Defenses" killed four of them before they arrived. Impervious meant I only got ONE die in the boarding combat. I was soundly defeated and caused no casualties. Blue company again fired at the A9 and with a tremendous explosion, a Raging Fire destroyed the monstrous vehicle. Orange company finished the remaining A6 and we ended the game there.

Having very high starting AD values on the turret on the heavy walker was quite telling late in the game - I was still able to get 11-die attacks in turns five and six, where my son's Sturmpanzer had to settle for heavily-reduced numbers of dice. Getting the Zeppelin in close worked well since I couldn't touch the thing at range 1. Again, swarms of miniature tanks prove to be ridiculous killing machines. I wish I could use more of them. Fun game, we both enjoyed it. More later.
Final Score:
EoBS - 320
Prussians - 180

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