15 August 2012

To the Shores of Tripoli...

My first foray into teeny tiny ships was enjoyable. I finished up my four Nanuchkas and three US Navy ships over the weekend, along with 2 SH-60s and 2 Su-22s. 

The missed blue on the front of that Nanuchka's base got touched up later...

8 megapixel cameras really have a way of highlighting the shortcomings of a paintjob. Oh well, they look very nice in person with the ol' Eyeball Mk.1. The ships' bases were cut from 30mil plastic - actually throw-away botched ID cards from work. God bless crappy card printers that ruin many, many cards! I've got enough cards for the whole 6th Fleet! The aircraft bases are, from the bottom working up, pennies, balsa, nails. 

I got cracking on the MiG-21s last night, just the top and underside base colors. Probably knock out their camo patterns this evening.

I have put ideas to paper for the Libyan / USN campaign so hopefully I'll be able to actually get gaming in soon!

In other news, a co-worker just handed me a DVD of Windows 8 Pro RTM, so I'll be thoroughly modernized on the home computer tonight.

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