14 December 2012

A Night at the Fort

OK, my usual readers know that although I live in the old South, I'm not a big Civil War buff / fan. I've been exposed to it my whole life and it doesn't hold a great deal of fascination for me.

That being said, we (me, the wife and kids, along with my mom and dad) did a short night-time tour of Fort Pulaski out near Tybee Island this evening. They had it decorated up for Christmas and were conducting small-group tours for those who had reservations. The tour itself was fantastic and I've got some pics to share. I know a lot of ya'll are into the War of Northern Aggression and I thought you'd be interested.

These fine fellows, and some of their companions sang and played a few tunes, including "Bonnie Blue Flag"

Santa was hanging out in the gift shop. That's Junior with him.

And Cameron, the four-year old.

A sentry

The group heading through the front gate

The decorations were really very nice

There's the band. I really like the use of local flora in the Christmas decorations - the Palmettos, etc.

Carolers. They made us sing along.

Numbers 1 and 2. Note the oyster shells mixed in with the garlands around the lamp.

The Yankees apparently had the keys to the larder.

Across the moat on the way out.

And here's a very dark video of muskets being fired and then the 30# Parrott Rifle. The muskets fire pretty early in the video, around :37. The cannon goes off at the 3:20 mark.

We had a great time and the weather was wonderful. If you're ever nearby, Ft. Pulaski is a great place to spend some time.

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