19 December 2012

Mid Week Update

Zig and I are going to re-ignite the 99 Red Balloons fight Saturday with MSH. Yay! A "real" wargame for a change, Nothing against skirmishes but there's a lot to be said for moving battalions of tanks and infantry around, bombing the shit out of eachother, throwing up smokescreens, making "weeeeeeooooooo BOOM" and "dakka dakka dakka" sound effects and cursing bad leadership rolls. 

My Polish lists I've put together:
MR Regiment (W2R) 360
Air Assault (W1V) 101.2
MR Reg Arty (4 @ 2s1) 36
OP 10
BMP Bn (W2R) 78.4
MR Div Arty (2 @ BM21) 22.8
OP 10
10 Light Entrenchments 10
AA Battery (1 Off Table SA-6B) 21.6

MR Regiment (W2R) 360
Air Assault (W1V) 101.2
T-72 Bn (W2R) 140
T-72 Bn (W2R) 140
MR Reg Arty (4 @ 2s3) 40.8
OP 10
1 @ Su-25 Sorties (ICM4) 31.5
AGC 10

Any commentary on the lists is welcome; I still consider myself a novice with MSH.
I think we'll force either an Encounter scenario or something where I defend just to change things up a bit. We've been consistently playing scenarios where the Poles attack and the FRG defends and that's gotten a bit "old hat."

Z never reads my blog so I'm OK with mentioning that I got him some CinC goodies to start a mid-1980s USMC Regiment for Christmas. He'll need to pick up a shitload of infantry but as you know, 1/285 infantry is cheap as chips.

I also just ordered myself some boats for Shipwreck. We haven't fiddled with that in a while and the boats are fun to paint. Thank you Skytrex!

D180 Amazon 8 1975
D729 Moskva 2 1967
D740 Sovremenny 4+ 1981
D741 Udaloy 4+ 1980
D760 Krivac II 7 1976
D762a Kashin Mod 6 1974

The Amazon will be a proxy for my Libyans - it will become the Dat Assawari. The Soviets will be bits and pieces of the Black Sea Fleet. There was absolutely no research involved in selecting the Evil Empire ships, I just went a bit click crazy and let 'er rip. I suppose I need to order some Ka25s or Ka27s now.

I'm sure I'll post an AAR for the MSH game, but if not, Merry Christmas ya'll!


** Update **

Got 14 more of these beauties today. That makes 40 altogether.

The two interesting pieces of cardboard will become constructs of some sort. Still deciding...

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