14 April 2013

Infinity for you, Sir!

Zig managed to get his Pan Oceania guys assembled during the week so we took them out for a spin Saturday evening. We set the table up a bit differently from normal, lots of corridors and hallways. The battlefield would be inside a PanO outpost. The Aleph had already infiltrated but set off the alarms on the way in and had to make their escape.

I didn't get a picture of the initial setups, but this is close enough. I sent Duchess and a trooper off to my left to take the fight to the PanO cowards. Mallory and the other three troopers covered the other hall.

These three clowns have the right-side hallway pretty well covered.

The silver bullets split up and spread out.

One of the boys in blue chucks a smoke grenade into the intersection.

Duchess pops out around the corner and looses a couple of shots from her shotgun.

Bam bam! Two downed Order Sergeants. That's how it's done!

Meanwhile, a similar script plays out on the other side of the facility. The Order Sergeant takes a deep breath and steps around the corner. He draws a bead on the Myrmidon further down the hall and there is a quick exchange of gunfire.

The Myrmidon is rocked off his feet and dies noisily.

And to make matters worse, my drink appears to have evaporated.

Back on the other side, Duchess and friend try to repeat the previous success. Smoke...

She squeezes the trigger of her nano-pulser which has a teardrop-shaped template and can cover both enemy models. The Order Sergeant misses his shot and the Knight's Panzerfaust goes wide. The Sergeant succumbs to the nano-pulsers' rays of despair.

The panzerfaust shot hit a nearby chemical vat and exploded*, knocking out Duchess.

Phil avenges Duchess' near-death experience. He pops around the corner and sends a few rounds towards the Magister Knight.

The two warriors charge eachother and the Knight is carved up like a Christmas ham. Heh.

Phil makes his way down the hall, unable to put a telling blow on the idiot medic. The idiot medic gave Frightened Inmate #2 a shot of adrenaline; he opened his eyes and seeing the Myrmidon, pulled the trigger, felling the heroic Aleph robotic warrior. 

At this point, a firefight erupted in the far hallway. There was quite a bit of back and forth, smoke grenades, robotic gallantry and drama but in the end, the two courageously-programmed Myrmidon cyborgs got shot all up. Mallory on the other hand showed the PanO scum how a real cyborg woman fights and took out two of her enemies. 

We called it here, since the goddamned medic was having a terrific time healing all of the guys I'd killed and I only had one model left. The medic only went "Angel of Death" on one PanO casualty. Feh. Either way, it was a damn fun game. We're getting the hang of the mechanics and are feeling a lot more comfortable with the system. Maybe next game we'll add in linked orders - they could have been very useful in this game.

Have a good weekend! Less than a week until Gnomecon now - woohoo!

* - we sort of missed the bit about the panzerfaust not getting a template. Oh well, live, learn. Who cares, it's just a game right? Next time we do one of these "inside the base" type games, BS rolls of "20" will cause explosions as equipment and pipes get hit.

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