02 May 2013

Thursday Morning

Zig and I played a bit of Infinity last Saturday. Junior helped out too. No real AAR. It was a hot mess and since Junior had never played, a bit confusing. The highlights of the game for me were seeing my Lana, my sniper and Mallory the sneaker, gun down wave after wave of enemy fools. Oh and my paramedic IdiotBot managed to resuscitate Lana after she'd been hit and KO'd. Yay!

I did come up with this eye-popping little graphic for my Infinity force - OpForce 5.

The game system suits itself well to campaign play, or at least dramatic action so I decided to have a little fun with it and go over the top.

Michael and I are going to get together Saturday for a trial of AK47 Republic using FoW minis as proxies.

Hey, that QRF T-55 finally made its way across the Atlantic and has gotten painted up. No pics yet, but I'll post them soon. I decided against a drab Soviet Army green and gave it a camo job.

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