24 May 2013

On-Topic Update!

I did have lots of lovely goodies show up this week so painting's been back on. My order from WarWeb arrived - some 15mm M26 tanks and African Irregulars. The original intent was to base them for AK47 but I'm tempted to base them individually. I'll get it figured out sooner or later.

The other arrival was Dystopian Wars stuff - a war gyro for me and two robots for Junior.

Making progress!

Stabbing Robots - ATTACK!

You can see the M26 hulls behind the bots. I hope to spend a good bit of time gaming this long weekend - Junior wants to play DW, so we can do that early Saturday and I have a DW campaign game Monday - and I've convinced Ziggy to play in the campaign so he ought to be playing Monday as well. I think Dennis is going to bring some board games over Sunday. Should be good for me! Y'all be good.

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