24 June 2013

Junior Creates a Wargame!

A while back, my son half-way invented a wargame with his buddies. The idea and concepts came back to him yesterday afternoon so he put it to paper and after dinner we gave it a go. We used game pieces from Attack! by Eagle Games since they were handy and plentiful. I offered my two-cents worth on a handful of topics such as regulating movement and dice rolls but the game is his and I gotta say, is pretty good. Here are some action shots.

My red army and his grey hordes duke it out!

The evil red tide oozes forward.

Junior moves a tank into position.

And then takes a shot at my tank on the hill.

There are some very video-game inspired concepts that make the game quite different from any other game I've played - new units spawning in and, well, there are no to-hit rolls. We'll play a couple more game and I'll probably type up and post the full rules for anyone interested.

** sniff sniff ** Daddy's proud!

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