18 June 2013

Under-Secretary of Remissness

OK, so I still haven't taken any pictures of my African irregulars or their vehicles. I have finished off about 45 of them, individually-mounted on pennies. They aren't going to win any painting awards but they are good enough for tabletop play. The small CDs arrived yesterday and I've done up a dozen as Swatters movement trays. Still waiting on Khurasan to ship my antagonists. It is interesting how different companies operate - Splintered Light and Rebel Minis are small shops with very quick turn around. Khurasan, WarWeb and CinC seems to be just the opposite. Ah well, whatcha gonna do?

I'm organizing a game night for my son and his buddies in a couple weeks. They are card-carrying members of the video-game generation. Maybe this will instill some fondness for real games and turn him and his buddies into gamer geeks. We've gone over potential games and the short list includes Zombies!!!, Munchkin, some variant of Risk, SmallWorld and FRAG. I'd love to run them through Dungeons and Dragons, but that may have to wait. I'll  be sure to post a re-cap.

I'm going to try to get a game in with Zig this weekend, I'd like to play MSH since that hasn't gotten any press lately, but I'm fine with anything really.

Take it easy!

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