25 September 2013

"Recently" Painted

Some of this isn't terribly recent, I've just been bad about taking pictures and posting them.

First up are some more Anima Tactics figures:

These minis tend to show a lot more "skin" than I normally paint. 

Next is some of the contents of the new Dystopian Wars EoBS box set. The new War Gyro and mini squid robots. I haven't finished the cruisers yet.

Here's the new one next to the "old" one I finished up a few months ago.

And now the fun stuff... for me anyway. Some MSH 6mm that took C-in-C 6 weeks to ship. Actually most of the infantry is Heroics and Ros and has been finished for a while, I've been waiting on the support weapons and trucks to base and finish them. Two battalions of USMC infantry! I've purposefully left the bases rather sparse so I can add magnetized Amtracks later if desired, or leave them as foot infantry for heliborne insertion.

The BC and AT platoons have magnetized HMMVWs as seen above. Each battalion also includes three platoons (one per company) armed with Stingers. These battalions should be tough as nails in MSH.

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