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It's been a while since I posted an AAR, mostly because it has been while since I got to sling dice. The stars aligned for Saturday so Zig and I played a games of Dystopian Wars. It was a sort of a rematch of our previous game, Z brought the British Airmada and I used a primarily Blazing Sun surface fleet but also fielded my two War Gyros since neither had gotten any table time. Actually, I ended up using everything that came in the recently released fleet upgrade box set just to see how it handled. The fleets were 1000 points and I'll be the first to say we're a bit fast and loose with the rules as written. Z and I do not play games to sit at the table and read nuanced paragraphs from a rulebook.

For victory conditions, Zig rolled a "5" so he had to destroy 50% of my fleet including all small models. I rolled a "6" (setting a trend) and was tasked with capturing his flagship which he'd already decided was his aircraft carrier.

The table and our setups.

Right from the get-go, my dice were hot. My first volleys from the new Arashi support cruisers were nasty.

War Gyro 1 finishes the job on one of the Doncasters.

My Ika eats a well-aimed torpedo volley from another flight of Doncasters. Grr.

 Vengeance arrives in the form of rockets and gunfire.

A bit more violence later and one of the planes is destroyed, the other is derelicted by my little squidbots.

The next turn, War Gyro 2 (the new one) moves forward and amongst other things, shoots its big gun at the British carrier. A crit is scored!

The carrier explodes and takes its escorts with it. It was the first game for that ship and the first time it was shot at. Without trying to be too rude, hahahahahahaha.

To avenge their loss, the Brits send their Hawk scout rotors forward to surround War Gyro 1 with mines, then board and capture it. I did manage to kill an amazing 11 of the 20 boarding parties with a measly 4 AA dice. Like I said, my dice we in fuego.

The ungainly Hawks continued their reign of terror on my right by swarming the new rocket cruisers, causing a great deal of damage with their guns and bombs, and littering the path ahead of the cruisers with mines.

But a later in the fourth turn, the two remaining behemoths met over a small island. Boarding parties flew back and forth but the British Marines could not capture the Japanese battleship. Japanese fighters swooped in at the end and managed to finish off the huge British airship, ending the game well and good.

Well, that was ugly. I crushed Zig's Brits handily. Zig captured the one war gyro and killed a small sub robot. That was it. I killed his carrier, war gyro, 5 Doncasters, and 3 Merlins. I think the British fliers are simply a terrible match-up when pitted against Blazing Suns ships. The long range strength of the EBS, unhindered by LOS restrictions, is just plain nasty. We'll change things up a bit next time around - Z needs to get his boats back in the water.

Good Gaming!


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