16 October 2013

Mid Week Update

Some more painting on the ol' blog this week. This time it is 1/72 plastic WW2 guys! Something completely different for me, that's for sure. I picked up TFL's Chain of Command a few weeks ago and got these guys to go along with it. I've got more bodies on order, since there weren't enough basic riflemen, etc to fill out three squads. The painting style is a lot more spartan than I usually do. I've painted loads of Soviet riflemen and Nazi grenadiers in my day and I just wasn't to go bonkers detailing their uniforms and equipment this time around. Basic block painting + magic wash resulted in fine looking tabletop toy soldiers.

I've got a mortar, MMG and crews on the table now.

The Germans have two LMGs in the queue.

German figures are from Revell. Ruskies are Airfix.


  1. Ski,
    Nicely done - love the look of your Soviets!

    1. Thanks! I grinned when I read it because the painting "technique" was without question the simplest, laziest painting I've ever used on my toy soldiers. I've got lots more where these came from, so stay tuned!