25 February 2014

Newly Finished Things

I re-painted some FoW armored cars over the last couple of days for use in AK47 Republic. Nothing fancy - just a quick "slop-n-go" job for the Dictator's forces. I also made some "jungley" tree templates out of some dressed-up window screen and aquarium decorations. I'm rather happy with the results. I left the templates rather sparse to allow for troop placement. I find that cluttered tree templates become a giant pain during games. I may hot glue some of the trees to pennies to have some separate trees. For the tidy sum of $3.50 I got 60 of the trees - I've got oodles to work with.

I'm leaning towards running a game or two of AK47 at Gnomecon in April. We'll see how it works out.

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