27 April 2014

Strike Legion: Platoon Leader - first playtest

Wow. It's weird to be posting about a game on my blog. It seems like quite some since I've done this.
I picked up SL: Platoon Leader (Legionnaire Games) almost 6 months ago and although I read through it, I just never did anything else with it. Then, about a month ago I picked up Close Quarter Skirmish, also from Legionnaire. For whatever reason, reading through CQS renewed my interest in PL. I ordered some minis and scratch-built that flyer. I showed the game and minis to Ziggy who was interested (he'll play anything - any excuse is a good excuse to roll dice and drink beer).  Last evening we played through the very simple first scenario in the rule book - three squads versus three squads, identical forces. Really it was just about learning game mechanics. Since my appropriately-based sci-fi miniatures ain't quite ready for playing with, we broke out our Flames of War models. It was to be Fallschirmj√§ger versus Army Rangers (for the six-zillionth time in our gaming history).

I didn't go through the hassle of bringing out the doors (the big table). Six minis per side doesn't warrant that much space.

Orange squad heads around the side through the buildings.

Forgive the rakish "Batman" camera angle. You can see my troops are starting to take a bit of a pounding.

But the FJs we taking a real beating. Those "crosshair" markers should be "overwatch" markers.

Keep firing until they go away!

And they did. First blood, Rangers!

Nothing special going on here, but note the "1" on the experience die. Between Z and myself, we must've rolled a "1" on the experience die 80% of the time. I'm not exaggerating. It was a rare thing indeed to actually score effective hits because of the miserable dice luck pervading the table. 

In the end, my Rangers won but we both like how the game operates and will be back for more!

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