12 October 2014

HOTT Sunday Afternoon

James and I got together for a couple games of HOTT this afternoon. We've been talking about playing for about a year now and finally got around to putting miniatures on the table. For the first match, I used my freshly minted Romans to the tune of:
4 Spears
4 Blades
2 Riders
1 Hero (general)

James fielded his gigantic horde of dinosaurs composed of
2 Beasts
3 Knights
3 Riders
1 Behemoth (general)
1 Cleric
1 Lurker

I defended the first game. This is shortly after the start of the game. I foolishly put my general waaaay out to my right, screwing the rest of my force on PIPs. Chalk it up to rust.

My cavalry wing closes on the Cleric and Behemoth, a T-Rex named GorGor.

The lurkers pop up and begin harassing some of my swordsmen.

A buffet of horsemen line up for GorGor, while general Smackimus works on the cleric.

My riders are now riding down GorGor's GI tract. The dinosaur knights (the horned ones in the middle) and the riders (off to the left) are pushing down the field.

 The knights smash into my spears. We both cackle since they are perfect foils for one another. The riders hit my blades out to the left.

Our forces in the center trade casualties.

Smackimus gets away from the Behemoth, taking on one of the knights. Once it is dispatched, the game is over on casualties. Romans win!

For the next game, I pulled out the Halloweenies. The list was
1 Magician (general)
1 God "Grave Digger"
3 Knights
2 Shooters
1 Blade
2 Hordes
2 Lurkers

James kept his list intact and defended this time.

Our starting dispositions.

My "backup."

My ghostly lurkers greet the beasts early on, and form a fine speedbump. For about eight seconds.

GorGor tears down my right side and turns the Scarecrow Knights into pumpkin pie. Gah!

One more unit of knights is still kicking and pursuing James' riders. My Witches and the blade escorts are in the middle.

And then.... the skies darken and lightning crashes... DOOOOOOOOOOM!

Grave Digger bursts from the ground to smite some fools!

To be immediately followed up by a "Where is your god now?" Stupid gods.

My rat hordes were beset by knights and GorGor. My little rats did a fine job killing one unit of knights and running the other and the T-Rex ragged for a number of bounds.

But in the end it was not to be. I lost a horde, then my unit of blades which put me at 13 APs of casualties. Game over man, game over!

Two entertaining games and hopefully, the start of more regular HOTT around here. I really like the dinosaur army - its got wonderful expansion potential - a few pterosaurs for flyers / airboat, long-necked things for spears and aquatics for water lurkers.

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