28 October 2014

More Lead and Resin

Off the pile! With a bit of a gaming lull, I have been getting painting knocked out. First up are the three Romulans that I showed a WIP of last week.

A War Eagle, Sparrow Hawk and Fire Hawk. I'm pretty happy with the way these ended up. They'll be rather striking on the game table.

Next is a piece of terrain I quickly slapped together. The ruined temple bits are aquarium decorations that were nicely sized for 15mm. I turned three pieces into a nice little ruin.

And last was a second hover tank for my 15mm Sci-Fi Red Guards. The one they had was lonely. Here's the new one in with the ruin.

I want to play test my ground combat rules again. I've made some changes that need testing. Maybe I'll get in a round or two this weekend.


  1. I love you painting and the terrain. I need to check aquarium supplies more often.