18 January 2015


I made some good progress on the Invaders yesterday, although I'm really starting to hate the spindly legs of the Tripods - particularly the small Tripods.

The swarm thusfar...

Zig and I also had another StarDust Ground playtest. It was more of a scenario balance test than a game mechanics test. Regardless, it was a fun game and I took some pics. No full AAR this time.

I drove the bugs this time. I had a long slog going across the table length-wise but also had plenty of cover.

The first evac chopper arrives.

My bugs make contact
And make short work of the humans.

The second evacuation craft arrives. Things are getting dicey for the Red Guard now!

The last Red Guard squad tries to hold out!

But is beset by the horrific space-worms and wiped out.

Game over, man! Game over! Zig did manage to evacuate six stands - not bad. A third load of troops would have been difficult given the situation.

Ziggy didn't realize he could have moved his guys out to the islets off the shore - I should have explained that a bit better. I'm still left with a couple of questions in my mind about the scenario, but it worked pretty well as it was. I'm still very pleased with the game system itself and don't need to make any adjustments to the rules based on the results of the game! That's very positive.

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