02 January 2015

The Beginning (of 2015)

I managed to wrap up a few models during the week and got in a game of X-Wing with Junior on New Year's Day. First up are some light bombers from the Dystopian Wars French Air box set Zig gave me for Christmas.

The air components for my French will be predominantly white, as opposed to the blue I used on the ships. If I ever to French land forces they'll be mostly red.

Next up is a little critter I picked up just to paint. It's an Anima Tactics Hellhound.

I have a good selection of AT stuff but I've only ever played it once. The models are gorgeous and I do like painting them. Maybe one day I'll put it on the tabletop again.

Finally is Stampy 3. The largest model I've painted in a while. It's a Dystopian Wars mobile airfield for my Empire of the Blazing Sun forces. I don't care much for painting large models with lots of detail so I'm not going to lie, I didn't try my hardest on this beast.

I think I tend to get burned out working on one model for so long that I just get sick of it. Regardless, it's good enough for my tabletop and should be a hoot to play with.

I took some pics of the X-Wing game. We played the scenario that comes with the VT-49 set which features the VT-49 and two chump TIE fighters versus four Rebels totaling 100 points. The Rebels only get two of their ships (Imperial choice) for the first three turns.

He chose my Y-Wing and E-Wing to start against. Here we have a massive traffic problem in the center. The VT-49 has a turret and he worked on my Y-Wing until it went away.

This unfortunate TIE fighter was hovering next to the map edge at the end of turn 3. I placed my reinforcements right on his tail. You don't get many opportunities like that.

Spot the difference between the two pictures above.

And then my A-Wing goes away. (The rubble marker in front of the X-Wing).

And a turn later my X-Wing is up in flames. The damaged E-Wing and heavily damaged VT-49 duke it out for a few turns but in the end my E-Wing got the better of the lumbering Imperial scow. It's 0 agility compared to the 3 agility of the E-Wing was the difference maker. He had a tough time hitting my ship while shooting the Decimator was a walk in the park. Either way, it was a fun scenario and an enjoyable game.


  1. Maybe get your wife to paint some of the larger miniatures next time.

  2. I would like to play some Xwings soon.

  3. Read your last Blog. GHQ sounds good to me. I got some minis already.