01 June 2015

Dystopian Wars AAR - Back to Basics

Sunday afternoon I got in a game of DW with a guy I'd met up at the game store about a month or so ago named Max. He had not played in a couple of years, and certainly not using 2.0 rules, so we stripped out some of the wacky and played using very limited forces. The outcome was a terrific game.

Max's Prussians
1 Emperor Battleship (with a shield generator replacing a turret)
3 Reiver Light Cruisers
4 Arminius Frigates
2x3 Saxony Corvettes
2 Geier Bombers
745 points

My Empire of the Blazing Sun
1 Sokotsu Battleship (with shield generator)
3 Nakatsu Light Cruisers
2x3 Uwatsu Frigates
4 Fujin Corvettes
2 DFA-170 Bombers
735 points

So we both played with what was essentially the contents of one of the old starter box sets with some corvettes added in. We left out the tiny fliers (SAS) in the interest of simplicity. We also did not use TACs.

My field orders were to destroy 70% (520 points) of the enemy fleet.

Max selected Vital Asset Destruction and had to sink 50% (365 points) of my fleet including the battleship.

Our (very open) battlefield and deployment. This is the first battle for my newly re-painted fleet.

Early on, the Geiers send lightning down on the lead Nakatsu, fouling it's steering systems.

The Japanese bombers return the favor and send a wall of rockets streaking toward the Prussian battleship, damaging it and starting a fire. I guess that same battleship had dinged one of the bombers previously causing minor damage.

The little ships streak forward into the middle of the battle area and immediately wreak havoc all around.

The Prussian cruisers start throwing their weight around and destroy two corvettes.

The corvettes are quickly avenged by a brutal broadside from a squadron of frigates that crits one of the Reivers and causes a fusion leak!

At the end of the first turn, the small ships were really thinning out and the two battle groups were getting into "bloodbath" range.

Godzilla opens up on the Emperor-class and causes terrible damage. Its rockets also finished off the crippled light cruiser.

More destruction as the Geiers close and blast the Godzilla, the Fugins also account for a Prussian frigate.

Commodore Max wants to test boarding assaults and sends the Luftjagers from a corvette squadron up to one of the Japanese bombers, easily rendering it derelict.

The other corvettes are also successful and ding the damaged cruiser for another point of damage.

Our dispositions at the end of turn 2.

The blasted Prussian bombers act first and get a good bomb run at the Japanese battleship, followed by shots from the tail guns. The attack does two damage - no crits mercifully - thanks to the high CR of the Sokatsu.

The Uwatsus keep piling on the heavily wounded Prussian battleship. 

My remaining bomber attempts to emulate the Geier's success but fails miserably.

But glory comes from everywhere this day, as the Nakatsu squadron scores a massive double-crit on a Reiver, sending its ruin across the water, then boarding a Geier, sabotaging it and sending it down into the waves! Truly an impressive feat for the much maligned light cruisers.

A vengeful Prussian frigate pulls alongside the damaged cruiser and finishes it off.

More corvettes arrive and bring the damage tally on my battleship up to 6! This is not good. That was the end of turn 3.

Godzilla's mighty guns couldn't make a mark on the Emperor to start turn 4, but her rockets finished off the last of the Reivers.

The Nakatsus impress once more, smashing the battleship one last time sending her down!

The Saxonys nearest Godzilla attempt a boarding action and are rather successful at killing the defenders, leaving just two APs on the big ship. Unfortunately, time has run out for the Prussians and the battle is over.
EoBS - 610 points, including completing field orders
Prussian - 450 points, but did not complete field orders

We both a beating! What made the biggest difference in the game was when I got a huge amount of damage (five points during one turn) on the Prussian battleship. It's guns just aren't heavy enough to fire back effectively once it has been severely damaged. My battleship was still able to smash things up while Max's puttered about ineffectively during turns 3 and 4. My Nakatsus had the game of their careers, causing quicte a bit of havoc. I never really paid attention to their power boarding potential, but a squadron of three can push out 15 boarding dice with their Terror Tactics! As usual, corvettes and frigates caused ridiculous amounts of damage and died in droves. I'm sure Max will be boarding early and often with those corvettes in future games.

Looking forward to the next game, Max!


  1. Very good AAR. Although DW is not my cup of tea for Naval warfare, to get to Sci-Fi I go from Shipwreck or Harpoon to BFG or Full Thrust.
    Will you be playing any more Shipwreck soon? I'm craving another AAR as I finally found someone in my region to play with and want to know more of how it all shakes out.

  2. Thanks Rory. James, my usual Shipwreck counterpart, just got some new ships a few weeks ago for an early cold-war game he has planned. There's a link to his blog in my list (http://118fistersgame.blogspot.com). Hopefully we'll get to play that game some time soon. I have some French ships that have never seen the table and have a scenario sort of work out in my head - so it isn't like there's a lack of material :)