04 June 2015

SPACESHIP! (updated)

Well, I broke down and bought some Firestorm Armada ships recently. A few of the guys I game with are interested, so I took the plunge. I picked up the Tarakian Patrol Fleet and have gradually gotten paint put on them. The first batch has been completed and here's how they turned out.


After looking at the pictures, I may go back and darken up a few spots on the ships, just to add a bit more visual interest.

Cruisers to follow, but at this point they've only been primed base-coated so there's quite a bit of work to be done.

And then, when I got home this evening, I finished up some space wrecks. These are FSA models I picked up about a year and a half ago as test units. They never panned out, then one got dropped by SWMBO and a piece was lost to the ages. I took the Dremel to them on Moday when I was home, sick and turned them into carcasses. I like how they worked out!

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