05 December 2015

A Busy Hobby Saturday

I've gotten a lot of hobby stuff done this Saturday. It feels good to take minis out of the queue and into storage.

Fist, some Dystopian Wars tanks...

Three L'Aman and three R-6 tanks, much like those featured in my previous battle report post.

Next we have a gaggle of French ships - four Chevalier destroyers, two Toulon cruisers and the mighty Charlemagne dreadnought! 

Finally, the last item to make it off the painting table was the SEPECAT Jaguar I picked up for the Litumsian MCC rebel group.

It's a very nice little 1:144 scale Minicraft kit. It didn't come with any appropriate ordinance so I left the pylons empty, implying that it had just released its bombs on some government positions.

I also made some progress on a couple scenery items. Their both 6mm sci-fi oriented and basically made from trash.

First is a garage made from the plastic of an Energizer AA battery 8-pack.

OK, so nothing fancy, but it looks pretty cool. That's an Epic Space Marine in front. 

Next, and still in a very raw condition is this...
It'll make a cool liquid storage facility. I may add some pipes here and there too. Having two kids has resulted in us having zillions of medicine measuring cups - getting six of the same design was easier for me than most folks I imagine.

Y'all have a great weekend!

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