24 December 2015

Christmas Eve Eve, Star Wars Style

Awesome. That was on my ride home from work yesterday.

With fresh memories of The Force Awakens in our heads, David, Anson and Ziggy came by last evening for some rare mid-week gaming in the form of X-Wing! We played a 3-direction game, Imperials (Christan and Anson), Rebels (Me and Ziggy) and Scum (David). 200-points per side. Oh, and if you haven't seen the new movie, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! It's awesome.

You can see that the Imperial Kid Corps went kookoo for Decimators, taking two and two Phantoms. Z and I went rag-tag - 2 B-Wings, a K, X, HWK-290 and a Z-95. David had a Houndstooth, IG2000, two Z-95s and two K?!$%& (unpronounceable Scum ship).

My blurry son trying to avoid photocapture.

We Rebels went right, staying away from the twin Decimators long enough to see what direction they were heading.

Space Bus 1 and 2.

The Scum and/or Villainy horde. They fly in pretty formations.

After a couple of turns (I wasn't taking regular pics) we had a nice scrum developing. A Scum Z-95 had been one-shotted by Anson's Decimator, my Moldy Crow attracted a LOT of attention and got popped. David piled on Anson's VT-49 and blew it up.

A tighter shot of the mess.

David and Anson had to beat feet around 9:15, so we ended the game before we had determined a winner. The Imperials had lost a Phantom and VT-49 (carrying Vader), The Scum lost a cheap Z-95 and the Houndstooth was down to one hull point. The Rebels had lost Kyle Katarn and my B-Wing was down to a single hull point... we were all having trouble.

We all had a great time - it was a good chance for us all to get together before Christmas. Merry Christmas to all my readers!

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