07 April 2016

Recent Stuff

I haven't had time for a real AAR this week and it's really starting to seem like I won't. That said, I have been up to a bit of gaming and painting so I'm just going to post a few quick pictures of what I've been up to.

Last Saturday evening, Junior finally broke out of his "Imperial Only" frame of mind in X-Wing and flew my Scum and Villainy crew. I got to use a gaggle of different TIEs and really fell in love with the TIE Punisher. It was a very entertaining game.

Sunday afternoon, David and I got together for Dystopian Wars at Morningstar Games. French vs. Blazing Sun. My French got whipped.

 First game for my medium bombers and boarding corvettes.

This sums things up nicely for my Frenchies.

And the straw that broke the camel's back.... I set up a nice bomb run with my two surviving bombers when one takes a critical hit that prevents it from using rockets and bombs and the other's attack was completely ineffectual. 

I apologize to David for being in a grousey mood. It was a really frustrating game.

I finally finished my Relthoza carrier and escorts from Christmas!
I'll get some better pics later. I threw some black magic wash at the whole lot (including the ones painted some time ago) and I think it's an improvement. You can judge for yourself when I take better pictures.

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  1. The dice goddess was shinning upon me that day. 😁😁😁