04 April 2016

Family Field Trip Saturday!

On Saturday the family and I went out to the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum in Pooler, GA, and then out to Travis Field, home of the 165th Tactical Airlift Wing. It turned out to be a terrific day of history and airplanes.

First stop, the Mighty 8th...

My bride in the atrium
 Child-sized bomb

1/72 airfield. I want to game on this!
Their pride and joy
 B-47 goodness

 Some neat stained glass in the chapel
 There are many of these memorials in the gardens. They tend to be rather attractive.

Truly sad
A very inspirational chess set

And then, on to family day at Travis Field...

 Louisiana sent some Eagles with cool tail flashes.

A B-52 from Minot, North Dakota was in town. Looks like they may have been busy recently with those markings.

My youngest at the controls of a MC-130 spec ops Herc

Ziggy in his work clothes, Bride, Junior and Curly

A dead-sexy T-38 traier
My far the best-painted aircraft, a Seahawk from the Airwolves down in Jacksonville.

Now THAT'S tail art!

Oh heck yes.
The Viper. Not sure if I like it or the T-38/F-5 more. The T-38 has that awesome coke-bottle waist.

Go Fasta!
We had a terrific time and even got a bit sunburned hanging out on the tarmac in the afternoon. We got to watch a Harrier do a slow-mo flyby including the requisite hover, turn, and bow. We took a quick ride up and back on the tarmac in a Polaris MRZR4 (I got to work the machine-gun). The best thing though - my kids seemed to gain an appreciation for our military. The movies at the Mighty 8th actually shut them up for a few minutes and made them think. If you're ever down this way, it's certainly worth the visit.

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  1. Great tour. I think the human touch of the POW made Chess set is perhaps my favorite, though!