16 May 2016

Goings On

Hi all. Things have been quiet here lately. I have actually been keeping up with my hobby stuff though. I finished off some more 6mm Dwarves for our Memorial Day game and was inspired to put together some "Cars Wars" type Matchbox / Hot Wheels cars. I threw together some simple enough rules that need a testing.
Not the best picture ever taken, to be sure. More pics as progress is made. The best thing about these cars is the fact that they're a buck apiece.

I also got in at least one game with my youngest son, Cameron. We're using Dystopian Legions minis and some simplified home-brew rules. His robots easily handled my Frenchies.

We use a popsicle stick to measure movement distances. He's got a retired 'Mech as an enforcer in his force.

Our commanders meet in close combat. Mine fared better, but I was still routed.

My wife and I played a playtest game of With Sword and Shield on Saturday night. I didn't take pictures. I needed to see a) how effective the Demon army is and b) how well the Dwarf defense will hold up for the big Memorial Day game. The Dwarves won and I got good playtest info. First time I've beaten my wife in a game of anything in I don't know how long. It figures there's no actual pictures or documentation.

Next weekend is Brunswick and Star Fleet Battles! Woo hoo!

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