23 May 2016

Two-fer Sunday

So, Sunday's trip to the Brunswick Pizza hut was well worth it. Mike, Daivd D, James and I got in two games! The first was a quick Star Fleet Battles exercise. It was written with novice players in mind, so it was a bit simpler than we've been doing recently. Regardless, it was fun. David and I were using Orions (pirates), in the process of picking clean a disabled ore freighter. James and Mike were playing the role of the local Federation constabulary.

One, non-action shot... but, as they say, pics or it didn't happen.

The Orions got the loot and got away. The Feds did an admirable job, but not quite enough to prevent the bad guys from getting away with one. The scenario could stand a very slight balancing, simply moving the disabled ship about 3-4 hexes closer to the Feds would have made things a lot more competitive.

Since we finished that game so quickly, Mike pulled out Star Fleet Marines, a tactical ground combat game along the lines of Squad Leader, but with much fewer complications. He quickly cobbled together a scenario - two symmetrical forces fighting over five objectives. Whichever side held three objectives after eight turns would be the winner.

Dave and I were handed the black team, Klingons. Mike and James were a combined Fed/Kzinti force. Again, both sides were identically kitted out.

The Klingons surround the BUA, while the allies swarm the objectives. Dave and I are playing the long game.

We picked our path, and methodically ground down the defenders. Things worked out very well for Team Klingon.

Time expired at 6:00pm (seven full turns). The Klingons were in possession of three objective locations. It was a tightly contested affair, but a few lucky shots here and there really made a difference. 

Star Fleet Marines is a damn fine tactical wargame. I'll be picking it up. We didn't touch on any of the whiz-bang sci-fi stuff, just basic infantry ground combat, but that's always been my favorite flavor of game.

All in all, a great afternoon of hex and counters. I've got a big Sunday coming up for Memorial Day - Sabre Squadron, With Sword and Shield, X-Wing and maybe others. I just finished up the Dwarf artillery battery - two more cannons and another gatling gun. I think I've got it all ready to rock!

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