27 June 2016

AAR: Firestorm Armada - Scenario 4 Hold the Waypoints

Zig and I broke out the Firestorm toys after a lengthy delay. We used the same basic fleets we've been using all along - I used my Alliance of Kurak guys, with Tarakians as the core. Ziggy used Terrans with Hawker Allies. We each had 1200 point groups and played scenario 4 in the MRB (since we've been playing them in order).

Our deployments. My squadrons were spread out to avoid unnecessary nuclear agony. I had Xelocian cruisers and frigates in reserve. Zig had an Apollo battleship in reserve.

Zig plots his next move. My Terqaui torp cruisers in the lower right thumped a destroyer early on.
One of my cruisers gets hit hard by its Terran counterparts.
It is finished off a moment later by the frigate squadron.
My frigates greet the Hawker cruisers but lose one of their group. Oh well, they're just frigates...

It's showtime with the Apollo! The Terran monstrosity arrives on schedule and swiftly accounts for a Tarakian cruiser.
So at the start of turn three,this was the situation. My reserves were still absent, I had dorked up with my Terquai cruisers against the destroyers (they were invisible past 20" and I'd turned 24" away to give them a broadside) and I had a battleship in my backfield.

I seized the initiative and attempted to kill the Hawker carrier but failed miserably. My battleship just couldn't get it together.
A huge space monster showed up briefly, then left without saying a word.
The cavalry finally arrives but fate conspired to befuddle their targeting and they couldn't even account for a single destroyer!
That Apollo is looking pretty lonely. I'd have to take Zig's objective on turn four, but I still had to run off the destroyers minding it!
The Xelocians and Terquai combine to finish offtwo of the destroyers but I haven't got anything with which to cap the objective. Sad.
My remaining Tarakian frigate at least is able to cause some carnage. The Hawker cruisers are eliminated, but the last destroyer cheats death!
Toot toot! The Terrans' final move... objective claimed. Game over.
That was a mighty fine slugging match! The Terrans finally had a good game - their torpedoes were hitting with frightening regularity and things just really worked out. I had given Z the idea of shunting in the Apollo since it's more of a "grappler" than a "fencer." It worked out really well - I guess there'll be more of that in my future. I had a unit of Xelocian frigates set to shunt in that apparently got lost in transit. I was hoping to cap Z's objective with them. It was not to be. I did manage to win a military victory, scoring better on the Battle Log, but the Terrans easily won the scenario victory conditions. I guess I should have read the scenario title a bit better. :)

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