25 June 2016

Of Baseball and Dice

My wife and I put together teams for MLB Showdown earlier in the week and played a four-game series over the course of a couple nights. It's been terribly amusing. I'll share with you the scores of our games and the "what changed" aspect of it all.

So here are games 1 and 2. I got crushed. Game two was quite exciting in the ninth, but eight runs is a huge deficit to make up in one chunk. Wednesday night, my wife was on cloud nine and lording her managerial skills over me. I was de-pressed... as the two-time and still reigning Comic Box league champion I consider myself pretty good at selecting a team and getting the most out of it. I also used to play with a very particular purple twenty-sider, Purple Rain. Last night before we finished the series I found Purple Rain.

And the turn-around was EPIC! I out-scored my old lady sixteen to one over the course of two games. Now we can pin this turn around on any number of things but I know, in my heart of hearts, that dice karma  is a real thing.

The beast.

I've had that 20-sider for at least 20 years, I'm sure it was an off-hand D&D purchase at some point, but damn if isn't just plain lucky as hell in my hands during a game of MLB Showdown.

Good gaming, y'all - I think tonight is Firestorm Armada with Ziggy - we've haven't played a game in ages.

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