12 November 2016

New Thing Saturday!

On our bi-weekly visit to Wal Mart this morning, I hit up the Christmas section. Seems like Halloween was just a couple of weeks ago... That's beside the point though. I did come across these lovelies for a mere $1.82 each!

That's a 15mm and 1/72 figure in front. The buildings will work acceptably for either scale I think. For buildings, footprint is a major consideration and these will do nicely for blocking LOS. I plan to re-paint them, they are a bit gaudy, but for that price I couldn't pass on them.

Afterwards, my wife and I hit up a thrift store and this Christmas ornament caught my eye, since it's essentially 6mm scale (with some nasty Turks for comparison).
I'm not sure if I'll leave it as a gingerbread house or repaint it as more of an eastern European farm house. A fun little pickup for less than a buck!

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