03 November 2016

Wee Planes

I've had some 1/600 bombers in the queue for many months which finally made it through last evening. They are Il-28 Beagles and Canberras, bought specifically for a couple of CY6:JA scenarios.

Part of the delay was that the first time I sprayed their base coat, it went on very coarse, like sand paper, requiring a strip and re-do. I guess if that's going to happen, small metal models that are easy to strip are the ideal victims.

Beagles in North Vietnamese and Syrian / Egyptian colors. Canberras with RAF markings.

One of these days they may make it onto the gaming table.


  1. Nice work. I have a fondness for early jets so will look forward to seeing them in a game.



  2. You didn't clean the mould lines!? :O