03 January 2017

2017 6x6 Update

I'm going to submit a change to my 6X6 list. I started looking at what I played in 2016 and it just seems like I got in a rut. It's not that it wasn't fun, but I have a LOT of minis that have sat idle for over a year now. That just won't do.

My revised 6 x 6 list

1) X-Wing
2) Dystopian Wars
3) My own rulesets, including StarDust, StarDust: Ground and Rubber and Lead.
4) Star Fleet Battles
5) Games that I own rules and minis for but did not play in 2016 such as:
Victory at Sea
Modern Spearhead
AK47 Republic
6mm Sci-Fi
6) MLB Showdown


  1. Not sure about that Choice 5. Hedging your bets there maybe ;-)

  2. I just finish (re)reading all your blog posts about shipwreck! Looks like a really fun game even if I'm puzzled about its complexity when looking at the stat cards.

    1. Shipwreck is very good, although the submarine rules are generally considered a hot mess. My wee boats have been neglected too long - I need to get them back on the table! As far as complexity goes, Shipwreck is remarkably simple - the data cards are weird without a reference point, but the game mechanics are pretty simple.