19 January 2017

Something Different

I was recently asked to GM a Star Fleet Battles game at Rapier in Jacksonville on February 11th. This morphed out of the Space Cadets' recent inability to get together for our regular games. I already had a scenario put together, so at least there wasn't much left for me to do... or so I thought. Mike's adamant about playing with minis rather than counters. I couldn't care less, but whatever... This of course meant I'd have to scratch-build some Klingon PFs (small gunboats). In two short evenings I churned out these little guys:

 A bit of plasticard and rod.

Three-quarter inch discs, glued to pennies for weight. Nails for stands.

A quick trip under the paint brush, and boom! Job's done. Mike gets them after the Rapier game... I don't need 'em.

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