12 June 2017

A Mixed Bag

I've been hard at work over the last week or so, mostly finishing models or projects that have been languishing for some time. Last Sunday, I finished this off:

It's a 6mm scale scratch-built chemical storage facility that's been hanging out, assembled and half-painted for many months. It turned out nicely, for a scratch-built thing I made.

Next we have some odds and ends from the Firestorm Planetfall box Ziggy and I split. There are some artillery strike markers, SAM launchers and crystals. I started assembling the infantry stands yesterday, so those will be done sometime in the next six months. :)

I also completed a Modern Spearhead battalion's-worth of T-64s.

I picked these up months ago when I ordered the odds and ends to complete my Naval Assault regiment. The models are CINC and really show off their high quality castings.


  1. The stuff looks good, though the SAM launchers look like they're laughing.

    1. I agree 100%. I accuse Spartan Games.