02 June 2017

Run Through the Jungle

I went by Michael's craft store Monday just to get out of the house. It was one of those good holiday Mondays where you just lay around doing next to nothing. I did find some nice goodies in the dollhouse / miniature things aisle for 40% off:

I bought all they had - pity they only had three packs left. 

I also grabbed these, but didn't imagine I'd do anything with them right away.
Two bucks a bundle - easy sale. I got the itch to turn them into scenery much more quickly than anticipated and voila!

Each bundle has 30 fronds. I used hot glue to stick groups of three to 1.25" wooden disks then covered the hot glue with green flock. Ten took about 45 minutes of work. Beside these ten, there are ten others I just finished up. All of this foliage should really help fill out a jungle tabletop, especially since these new additions have good volume.