02 August 2017

More Space Marine Goodness

Major progress with the Salamanders in the last couple of days. The Terminators are done and the lot is based.

Step 1 - add bits of balsa to the bases so they aren't just flat slabs. I also spackled in the Battlefront "idiot holes."

Steps 2 and 3 - hose down the bases with some dark brown paint and superglue "Humanity's Finest" to their new homes. The Termies can be seen on the left with white(ish) helmets as befits their veteran status.

Step 4 - Apply Liquitex glop to the bases being very careful not to slop up the models.

The new glop takes a while to dry... my test wasn't solid to my satisfaction for 12 or more hours, so I'm going to let these idle for a while before hitting them with maybe some fine sand in places, then paint, flock, etc.

Oh, and after 25 years, I did it:

Instant Win! Too bad my pop wasn't there to see it - he really liked that game.

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