16 August 2017

Star Dust Ground - Work in progress

I've continued work on the re-vamp of SD:G this week. I've been focusing on the QRS and unit cards and am pretty happy with the outcome. The cards are a bit more consistent and easier for players unfamiliar with SD:G to find the info they need and make sense of things.

The Quick Reference Sheet is a massive upgrade from the previous iterations. Sure, it's essentially the same information, but it is positively gorgeous compared to the previous "function over form" QRS. I've also made a page 2 which details infantry, vehicle and weapon special abilities. Page 2 isn't complete, but it'd pretty darn close. This SA sheet never existed in v1 - I took the idea from the many Spartan games I own except that I went the extra mile and jammed them all onto a single page.

 Ugly as home-made sin!

Dead sexy.

The version 2 rules re-write isn't done yet, but if you want to take a look at my work, it's shared here.

I'm hoping to run a full-sized battle this weekend. Ziggy's back on the left side of the Atlantic and he's a prime contributor.

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