17 September 2017

Re-Forestation 2: The Jungling

I cranked out another 17 clumps of jungle foliage this morning. They're just re-purposed aquarium scenery of course, but they sure do get the job done! This makes 43 jungle foliage clumps I've added to my collection this year! I had close to 70 prior. I've got some tall plants too that I'll finish up one of these days. I think they'll need to be wired to stand up properly.

The ones on the left are simple single-piece things - hot glued to a wooden disc, then some flock on the base. The eleven on the right are two-part affairs made from these two pieces:
I glued the bit with the long leaves first, and a few minutes later added the middle bit. It certainly creates a more interesting looking thing. The hot glue had the added benefit of "encouraging" the long leaves to spread out instead of just sticking straight up.

I have been doing a bit of painting this weekend too.

What may be my last ever Spartan purchase - the Ryushi have made it into the painting queue.So far just white primer, black magic wash and a white drybrush. Colors are next!


  1. Hey. I found your ShipWreck posts.
    I also noticed that you live in Savannah. We should get together and do some gaming. Message me if you are interested.
    I am working on my ShipWreck stuff.
    I would love to try it out.

    1. Sure - haven't played Shipwreck in a while but am certainly interested. Shoot me an email to doubleones at gmail.com

  2. I like your jungle terrain. I've picked up various pieces of greenery from HobbyLobby when it is on sale. I pull it apart and put misc pieces on a base. It looks pretty good, but does end up looking a little more "alien" than I would like for some of my earthly settings.

    Nice work on those ships also.

    1. I agree 100% about the "alien" look to a lot of the aquarium plants. I did just order some proper coconut palms that are supposed to arrive tomorrow. They were cheap, on Amazon. Will post pics alongside 15mm, 20mm and 28mm minis when they arrive.