09 September 2017

Minor Painting Update and an Unearthly Announcement

They sat for months, but yesterday I finished off a couple of Firestorm Armada ships. The models went OOP well over a year ago when Spartan revamped the Terquai line. Since I already had a couple, when I found another blister for sale I couldn't pass it up. These are Terquai Torpedo Cruisers.

I like how the different patterns on the side bits turned out. I've always wondered if the side bits are supposed to be retractable because on the finished models it appears that they are extended away from the ship's body. The massive rear engine and pipes just begged to be done up like a car engine.

These two join their two sister ships in my Alliance of Kurak fleet:

It looks like we're going to be spared the major part of Irma's wrath here in Savannah. Although we're expecting some trouble, it'll be nothing like we expected two days ago. David and I may get in a game today, not sure what though. Be well and good gaming!

 Oh... yesterday the Visitor of the Beast hit my blog. 

In honor of that...
Cheesy video, awesome song.

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