11 August 2018

Batman Miniatures with Wifey

Last Saturday my wife an I played an intro game of Batman. Taking the lessons learned from our big Memorial Day games, I made sure to keep things lean and was sure to deploy as many light sources as I could muster.

I spent a few minutes explaining basic concepts and we got underway. BMG is one of those games that's a bit of a headscratcher to read, but once you see it in action it makes so much sense.

My wife used the law-dogs - Rick Flag, Carrie Kelley and a Son of Batman (the shotgun guy). I used a trio of crooks including Cap'n Boomerang, Slipknot and Quelle. We each place two objectives and our mission was to simply accrue victory points until six turns had expired.

The intersection that would be our battlefield. The graveyard is new - it's a Plastcraft Malifaux piece which included the Mausoleum and the five graves. I need a good wrought-iron fence for it. I've also picked up a couple extra cars since the last outing (the Mustang and G-class).

Slipknot and Quelle make good progress towards my closest objective. As poor of a showing as Slipknot had in the Suicide Squad movie, he's terribly useful in BMG with ridiculously good mobility.
Quelle posts up at the Gazebo and is fortunate that Rick Flag doesn't have any night-vision gear.

The action heats up - Boomerang and Robin swap objectives, Rick charges at Slipknot to deny me the Gazebo objective, and Quelle takes a shot at shotgun boy.

CB hustles over and tosses one of his trick boomerangs at the shotgun guy. With a satisfying "whump," it connects with the back of the thug's head and knocks him out. One down!

With the sound of sirens in the background, my band of crooks all rush Rick, overwhelming him. We rounded up the loot and made for the shadows as Carrie and Rick were left wondering what the heck had gone wrong?

We both enjoyed the game quite a lot. Rick Flag would have been more useful if he had a group of shlubs to lead - most of his special abilities involve improving his teammates. Perhaps I should have swapped him out for Black Canary for this game since she's more of a straight-ahead solo. Either way, I think there will be more Batman in the future for us - it's good to find a miniatures game that the little lady approves of.

Someone thought it was funny to use the graves for their intended purpose.

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