Check Your 6 - Falklands Flying

 David and I got together last Sunday for a refresher game of Check Your 6 Jet Age. We're going to play CY6 on Memorial Day weekend and it's been a little while. Never happy to play a scenario twice, I quickly painted up some Sea Harriers in RN colors and chose the Malvinas 1 scenario out of the MRB. 

David chose the RN Sea Harriers, I was graced with two lovely Mirage IIIs of the Argentine Air Force.

The foes approach. My flight was high and fast. David's Harriers were low and slow.

Danger Zone!

Harry the Harrier

Laying the trap. Our flights pass eachother, though we're pretty far apart altitude-wise. I have a plan.

Perfect! My planes each perform a S-Turn, dropping three levels of altitude and both have the red Harrier's 6 in their front arc! Two R550s are loosed and one connects, damaging the British fighter.

A moment later, one of my planes is hit by cannon-fire, but the damaged Harrier is hit by heavy shells as well and spirals into the landscape below! Score one for the buys from America Sud!

My joy is short-lived as ol' Amarillo gets nailed by a Sidewinder and into the ground she careens!

My remaining plane hits the gas and runs for home. A near-miss from the Harrier's last missile damages the Mirage but it makes good its escape.

A damn fine 2v2 dogfight. The planes were closely matched, although David's Harriers had a noticeable agility advantage over my older speed-demons. I was able to use my speed to good advantage early on, scoring a very fortunate kill. Once the fight became a close-in brawl, I was in big trouble and it was too tough to get out and try another fast pass. The low missile count made it interesting and neither one of us was going to risk taking low-odds shots. Looking forward to the next game in a few weeks!


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