An Update!

It's been a few weeks since the last update. I've been playing games and painting but not documenting much. Ziggy, Wayne and I played a fine game of Check Your 6 Jet Age a few weeks back. Ziggy and I flew Argentine Skyhawks and Mirages against some RN Harriers. The Harriers gave us what for, but we did manage to put a couple bombs on our target troop transport ship and damages a couple of Harriers. It's a fun war to game for sure. Quite unusual and interesting equipment.

We also got in our March Stargrave games on March 18th. Mike, Mark and I got to play on the Fire Moon set up since we'd not gotten to play that scenario yet.

It was a brutal affair for me and Mark. I took five casualties and Mark took three or four. Mike only had one. Good loot, however, changed it from misery into passable success. 

Ziggy, Wayne and David played on a different layout for the "Botched Deal" scenario. Wayne snagged four of the seven loot counters while Ziggy and David brutalized each other.

I've also been working on a proper boat for Blood and Plunder!
The work-in-progress shot...

And the finished product. It's a new kit that was recently released after the completion of a kickstarter. Not shabby for $40. The 28mm-scale plastic model kit went together easily and painted up quickly with Army Painter speed paints. The hull is about 12 inches long tip to tail. I made the sails out of 3mm craft foam and the rigging is run-of-the-mill black thread. It was a fun project and I'm looking forward to seeing it on the table this weekend.

Be well!


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