Skirmish 2023 Pictures and Recap

 The inaugural Skirmish game con in Jacksonville, Florida has come and gone. I enjoyed it and look forward to returning in a year. I got in a handful of games and only had one unpleasant experience.

Some Wings of Glory to start the weekend. I resolved, years ago, to always take this game to cons; it is easy to set up and you can always find an opponent.

Some sweet classic Battletech.

"Above the Clouds" WWII aerial fighting. I was on the American side who handily sorted out their Japanese opponents. 

My flight

He got me! Just a nice shot. The gimbal mounts made for neat poses.
The French / Indian Canoe race. A lot of fun. The French trappers must ROW ROW ROW their boats laden with pelts to get away from the Indians.

The river. Any French canoe making it off the end would result in a French trapper victory.

I made the bold decision to spin it sideways with one of my two boats to give the Indians a bit of an obstacle. 
4-Siders represent tipped over boats and crews. The number indicates how many turns it would take before righting and re-boarding would occur.

Lots of cute scenery.
This big ol' crybaby named Steve blew a gasket when I was jinxing his dice rolls. You'd have thought I had just stolen his best gal. Apparently some guys really believe their opponents' voices can control dice results. He was also accused and found guilty of power gaming and rules-lawyering during an obviously silly casual game. 

But at the end of the night, Mark managed to get a canoe off the end securing a win for the French!

Saturday morning I woke up hungover as all get out and hosted a game of Dragon Rampant.

Only had three players but they all enjoyed it and the result was a victory for the good guys, even though Good Ash was run off in shame and Bad Ash was a complete killing machine.

Next up was Jim's Ronin game. Peasants and Bandits vs some priests.
Twas a very pretty table.

My rabble. I was on the side of "peasants and bandits."

Our enemy. The guys in yellow, not the pig!
Get 'em! BANZAI!

Nearly Naked Niko goes mano y mano with one of the better-trained priests.
In the end, it was a win for the rabble as the priests were overwhelmed. A great game with great players and game master.

Played some more WoG.
Saturday night Battletech Alpha Strike! Six player mayhem. This was a really good game to end the con with - low complexity, lots of loud boisterous characters and giant killy things. 

Lining up some shots

The goal was to dominate objectives (the orange spots) at the end of turn 6. Each objective had sleeping Planetary Defense Force units nearby.

My cross-table opponent had a very big stompy that could unleash an obscene amount of firepower. I was fortunate that my two mediums opposing it were a close match for it and my dice were interested in winning for a change.
But at the end of six, the Liao unit controlled the objective. Curses!

But it wasn't all bad news. I had some elementals capture the next objective over, that's one for the good guys!

The other two objectives were contested, so the result was a draw on VPs. Either way, a very enjoyable fight and hard-fought one.

Skirmish 2024 is on my to-do list!


  1. Looking good! I'm not able to make Cold Wars this weekend. Also Gotta watch those Steve's! They're ruthless! ;)

    1. Gotta get to one soon man! There's just so much to be said for playing toy soldiers from 9am until after midnight two days in a row.
      That guy. After the way he behaved, I had to name and shame.

  2. Why is there always ONE of those spoil sports in a for fun game? Good to ID and isolate. Looks you had a good time.

    1. And it wasn't what he said but it was how he said it. The man straight-up yelled at me like I was a 7-year-old playing with matches in the house!


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