Painted Mechs

 The house is finally gone! Two months and my mom's been moved, her house emptied and sold!I'm excited that things can get back to something more "normal." I got four of the metal Battletech minis Wayne gave me finished up over the weekend. The refurb and paint stripping process wasn't too terrible. They're fine additions to my fledgling Marik / Free Worlds League collection.

That an Albatross, Stealth, Huron Warrior and Gunslinger, left to right.

The Stealth is half regular paint, half blue/violet color shift paint... its either cloaking or de-cloaking. 

And the gang so far...

The Easter Egg company. Say whatever you want about the garish color scheme, as I've said on many occasions, as long as it's UNIFORM, it'll look fine.


  1. THey look damn good, Ski! I remember having a conversation about painting mechs in camouflage patterns and my buddy explained to me in scale how big the mechs are and that it was silly to camouflage them because they tower above most terrain features. I camo'd them anyways :)

  2. I've got a boatload more... perhaps those will get some more "20th/21st century" colors. The medieval knight colors are so much fun though!


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