Some Weekend Gaming

 On Sunday, most of the usual suspects got together at Wayne's office for some tabletop wargaming. I put Shipwreck on the table - it's been many years since those toys saw the light of day. Wayne put on a Classic Battletech game. Both were good fun.

My game - 1985 Gulf of Sidra. The Libyans vs the US Navy. At this point in the proceedings, the opposing forces have located each other and missiles have just been launched!

Left to right... Ziggy, Aaron, David Mark and Wayne.

Oh oh! Four Harpoons bearing down on one of Z's Nanuchkas!

Still, that's better than six SS-N-9s! 

Both ships actually remained afloat due to some rather effective close range defenses and fortunate damage rolls. Needless to say, neither boat was in fighting shape.

Of course this spelled doom for Wayne. David's boats picked up the USS Scott and let loose twelve missiles her way! 

Wayne did very well to account for 9 of the 12 incoming missiles. The remaining three all hit sending the stricken ship under the waves! Tragedy!

After a couple hours, we had all had a fine time and it was on to Battletech. 

It was a 3 v 3 engagement featuring Marik and Steiner forces. 
The fickle finger of fate! 

Not many pictures of BT, but a fun outing. The Marik side (me, Mark and Arron) got wrecked. Good job Steiner crew!

Thanks for hosting, Wayne. Zig, stay safe... he's off to Germany for a month-long NATO exercise.


  1. Few pictures because everyone was engaged. Shows a good game day.


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