A Spot of Battletech

 Ziggy and I got together Saturday for a straightforward 1 v 1 200 point game of Battletech Alpha Strike. We've played some group games but with Wayne or another GM present, it's tough to really LEARN the game as opposed to playing. With no really experienced players handy, Ziggy and I were forced to figure it all out on our own. It's not a complex system, so the game went smoothly and we each now have a better understanding of things, particularly combat.

We played on a 4' x 4' table. Plenty for a 200-point game. I had 6 mechs in my Kurita group including a Copperhead, Wolfhound, Rifleman, Shadow Hawk, Catapult and Shogun. Ziggy had a heavier group with five mechs.

A nice eye-candy shot of my right flank forces starring the two lights and the Catapult.

My Copperhead disappeared as soon as it made itself a target. It did do a masterful job of drawing fire! The Shogun steps in to help out a bit though.

Ziggy's stupid Locust did a fine job of nickel-and-diming my Rifleman down to a thin veneer of hit points. Here it dares a Cyclops to engage. The Shadow Hawk at the lower left had just finished off the Locust.

But before long, my Kurita force was on hard times. My Wolfhound and Shadow Hawk were proving to be quite annoying for the Eridani Light Horse, but the balance of my force had been wrecked. We called the game. 

And there they go! Run, Forrest, run!

An entertaining game for sure, but boy oh boy did we roll some garbage dice. It was a feast of 3's and 4's on 2d6. At least it kept things hanging in the balance and neither one of us simply ran away with it.


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