An Actual AAR: Dystopian Wars Necromancy!

 Ziggy suggested Dystopian Wars Fleet Action as a game selection for Saturday, and who am I to say no to that? I think the last time we played DW in any capacity was pre-pandemic. The follow up questions led us to a 1200-point land battle. Initially I thought French, but changed my mind to the Japanese Empire of the Blazing Sun since it really has been quite a long time and they were my first. Ziggy brought his Poles. Only in a Dystopian Wars - Japanese - Polish Venn diagram does this battle happen! 

See as though it's been four years (January 2020 was the last DW game I could find on my blog) we set up for a basic slugfest with no objectives other than re-learning the rules.

The big damn walking airfield finally made it on to the tabletop many many years after I put it together and painted it up. The Polish artillerymen Christened it the "Broad Side of a Barn-class Carrier." 

A view of my left flank. Some Polish tanks and artillery burn in the distance.

And one of my bombers meets a predicable fate. I was told the crew managed to stay safe, so that's nice.

With the Kagoshima taking it in the seat, I pushed it forward as quickly as I could to get some use out of it. It wasn't long though before the Zamiec airship was all over it, wrecking the magnificent machine.

Things were going pretty evenly across the battlefield, with a slight edge to the boys from Kyoto. The Japanese are very much a long-distance force with strong long-range capabilities while the Polish are point-blank specialists.

The Polish carrier had to go. My Taka Ashi heavy walker crab-walked on over and unloaded, along with the artillery. Boom goes the dynamite. 

Zig had a swarm of little tanks working their way around my right side and they appeared, giving my bombards a lot to think about.

Meanwhile, the forces I'd used to form a left flank had performed admirably and were now moving into the center to lend their rockets and shells to the fight!

The end drawing close, the last two big guys on the table converged. My walker was heavily damaged and the Perun landship was still factory-fresh. Not good for me at all.

Bring your marshmallows and long sticks. 

But let's look at something in the picture two up... those little rocket-launching walkers from hell were lined up perfectly for a massive 25-dice spite attack against the big Polish beast.

Setting up a coup-de-grace for my Chi-Ri medium tanks. How's that for a "Chi-Ri" on top? 
That was the end of turn four and we ended it there, a minor Japanese victory, although both sides had taken a massive beating.

We both had a great time and for a low-stress good old-fashioned smash-em-up, DWFA is always a great option. I have a feeling it won't be four years before our next outing!


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