Some Painting!

 Not to be outdone by a gaming post a couple weeks ago, I actually completed some painting this week. It's been a slow go, but enjoyable.

First up are a couple of Locust Battlemechs to replace the card standees I've been using for the games Wayne hosts. 

I ordered the pair from eBay from a dude who 3D prints them. This was the first time I received 3D prints with all the "scaffolding" still attached but that cleaned up easily. Looking forward to getting these little guys on the table. 

The next batch of minis is something a bit unusual. I picked these up in Jacksonville a couple of months ago and they've been done up and painted in the intervening 10 weeks. 

Mayans from Mythic Americas. This is most of the faction starter box. There are three were-jaguar things I haven't fiddled with yet. So you're asking yourself, "what is he buying those for?" Well, they're great looking minis and will make for a wonderful pulp game "jungle dweller" op for. A boss, a couple bad-mother body guards, scary dudes with spears and guys with bows. What's not to love? 

You can see I invested in some foliage clumps. I found an assortment on and recently on the cheap. I like the look, especially the way the foliage pops against the red clay dirt.


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