Elfin' Paintin'

 I've had a box of 28mm Elf Infantry for about a year that I finally got into a few weeks ago after I finished up the Bolt Action guys. Models are from the Oathmark range. I have some Goblin infantry from that range and these are high-quality multi-part kits that are easy to assemble and well-detailed. I put together this group of 16 simply to make a dent in it and paint something different. They also gave me an opportunity to try out the new Army Painter metallic speed paints. All were primed white and well, here they are.

Vanilla elf warriors. I need to get some decals for the shields.

And of course elf archers.

The metallic speedpaints are nice and do exactly as advertised. As with all speedpaint-type products, lots of surface detail helps. The helmets and swords on the warriors are noticeably stranger looking than the chainmail and breastplate which look really good. I was happy to be able to paint with brights and metallics without having to spot-prime the metallic areas with black first. The minis will join my halflings, goblins and orcs and one of these days will do battle on a tabletop near me!


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