16 June 2012

Mighty Monsters!

I bought Mighty Monsters from Ganesha Games earlier this week $8.00 - PDF download - buy it! And I played a learning game with my wife and son last night. We had a blast. All our monsters had the same stats, but with different special abilities based on the characters. There is a "kid's rules" section that gives some tips on reducing complexity which coincidentally is fantastic at learning the mechanics. I used Gigan, Junior used Fire Godzilla and Wifey used Godzilla.

There was a great deal of screwing around to begin with, smashing buildings and trying to hit eachother with the bits. My wife and I tangled and poor Gigan took a beating. Fire Godzilla was content to sit back and snipe. I got KOed first (working with three red dice isn't that productive) followed by my Wife who completely botched a leg action, leaving Fire Godzilla completely unscathed! Three white dice to end the game... bah.

I'm looking forward to the next match, this time using actual points-value created critters to add a bit of flavor to each character. It's a strong game for $8.00.


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