14 June 2012

More Spaceships

The Noble Armada ships showed up this week and I've gotten going on painting them. As I mentioned, I'm going with a much different painting style, mainly because the detail level is very high and modern compared to the mid-1970's designs of the other ships. I haven't done the teal on the undersides yet, and blacklining is the crazy-maker of this hobby so it'll be a few days before they are really done. I at least want to get one of the larger ships done by Saturday - I'd like to test out the TFZ rules. Of course with Father's Day, I may not get the chance... we'll see. If I do play, I certainly post pics and details.

I hope you like them.

I've also been working more on the gas station and a billboard for Project 1960. The National Guard showed up this week too - some infantry, a jeep and an M46 Patton. I'm holding off on them until I get some stuff DONE. Once the spaceships are off the table, I'll have a crack at the Guard. I need to pick up some primer anyway, so no rush.

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